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Random Quotes App

Random Quotes

Random Quotes has amazing quotations! Random Quotes is an app for display of quotations on Android™ based phones and tablets. Once started, Random Quotes selects a quote at random from its database and prints it on the display of the device. These are inspirational quotes, handpicked to bring some of the most amazing things ever said on this planet in the form of a convenient, easy to use app. The user interface is simple and intuitive. You can swipe the displayed quote left to get the next quote. Similarly, swiping the displayed quote right shows the previous quote. A click on the author's name displays the Wikipedia page for the author. Random Quotes is authored by Karunesh Johri.



The Options menu has an author's index. You can click on the option, Authors to get the list of authors whose quotes are in the app. There are quotes attributed to Aristotle, Eric Berne, Gautam Buddha, Chanakya, Albert Einstein, Robert Frost, Mahatma Gandhi, Kabir, Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana, Laozi, Alan Paton, Plato, William Shakespeare, Socrates, Mark Twain, Swami Vivekanand and many others. Click on an author's name and browse random quotes for that author.



The Options menu also has a topic's index. You can click on the Topics option to get the list of topics for which there are quotes are in the app. Some of the topics are art, engineering, friendship, humor, inspirational, love, management, philosophy, science, software and sports. Click on a topic to read random quotes for that topic.


Search quotes

You can also search for quotes based on keywords. Click on the search icon, type keywords in the search area and see random quotes for those keywords.


Random Quotes Settings

Random Quotes has configuration settings by which you can customize the display as per taste. You can change the background image and the font for display of quotes. You can also change the font size.There are switches for display of quotes in bold and/or italic. You can also select whether the quote to be shared is in the form of an image or is simple text. An image quote for share looks like this.

Random Quote for share


Random Quotes daydream

You can configure Random Quotes as the daydream app on your device. Click on the Settings app, Click Display -> Daydream. Turn Daydream on and select Random Quotes as the daydream app. In the daydream options menu, click When to daydream and choose Either. Now when the device is docked or charging, it will show a screensaver which displays a new quote every minute.


Random Quote Widget

You can add the Random Quote widget to the home screen of your device. It displays a new quote every hour.

Random Quotes on Tablet

The Random Quotes app is designed to take advantage of the larger screens of tablets. On tabs, there are two modes of operation; the authors mode and the topics mode. You can select Authors from the options menu and the authors' names are shown in the left column, which can be scrolled vertically. The quotations are displayed on the right and can be scrolled horizontally.

Random Quotes on Tab - Authors

Similarly, you can select Topics from the options menu, and, the topics are shown in the left column and the quotes are displayed on the right.

Random Quotes on Tab - Topics


Random Quotes is available on Google Play™. Download and try it today.

Random Quotes
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